Gaz Package 4

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2 Box Gaz RTD Cocktail 1L with 4 Flavors (PC, SOTB, MJ, CP) – 6pcs each – 3,000php

2 Box Gaz RTD Cocktail 200ml Green Appletini (48pcs) – 1000php

2 Box Gaz RTD Cocktail 200ml Strawberry Margarita (48pcs) – 1000php

Tarpaulin (2x3 ft)

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Total Reseller Earnings:  

Gaz 1L per pc: 125php

Selling Price: 150.00php

Profit: 25php * 24 = 600php

Gross Sales: 3,600.00php

Gaz 200ml per pc: 21.6php

Selling Price: 30php

Profit: 2,880.00php

Reseller Net Sales: ₱1,480.00

(Note: Package 2 is cheaper than package 4 is because we can convince customers that the new flavours are still not available to the public, and is still limited online)

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